California State University - Northridge

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Funding Raised$22,492

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LocationLos Angeles, CA

It's getting hot in here: effects of ocean warming on Indonesian Yellow Tangs

The response of Yellow Tang to the projected 4°C rise in Indo-pacific sea surface temperatures remains unknown...

It's Not Easy Being Green: The Color of Gene Diversity in Red-eyed Treefrogs

The red-eyed treefrog exhibits variation among populations, including differences in color pattern, body size...

Spiders of Yasuni: How do their Physical Traits Determine their Lifestyle?

There are 40,000+ species of spider in the world. Spiders are beneficial predators & an integral part of...

Sex in the sea: Uncovering the mating behavior of Giant Sea Bass

I will be investigating the mating strategies and behavior of Giant Sea Bass. They have been largely overfished...

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