Scott Smyers

Scott Smyers

Vice Preisident and Senior Scientist

Oxbow Associates, Inc., Friends of Wachusett Mountain, Cambridge Entomological Club

I am a wetlands and wildlife consultant specializing in rare amphibian and reptile study and mitigation. I have studied the behavior and ecology of amphibian and reptile species native to the eastern United States for more than 20 years.

As a graduate student, I conducted laboratory and field studies of three species of pond breeding salamanders in southern Louisiana including Ambystoma opacum, A. maculatum, and A. talpoideum. I continue to work on independent research on the evolutionary biology and ecology of amphibians and reptiles throughout New England. My research interests include life history plasticity and population biology of amphibians, ecology of freshwater turtles, and the functional ecology of larval caddisflies in ephemeral ponds.

In addition, I have mentored over 20 students from local colleges on independent research projects and similar volunteer experience projects. Most of these projects are focused on amphibians, reptiles, or insects of Wachusett Mountain, MA. I have also worked with students from colleges in NH on the White Mountain project and regularly bring a student from a Wachusett project to the White Mountains. Colleges include: Mount Wachusett Community College, Fitchburg State University, UMass Lowell, Framingham State University, Plymouth State University, University of New Hampshire, and Granite State College. It is important to provide opportunities for enthusiastic students to conduct field research. I am interested in developing family of excited researchers working toward a common goal: carefully evaluating the difference between populations of amphibians from the ponds of the White Mountains and beyond.

April 2016
Acton, Massachusetts, USA